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If you’re planning a long car journey or simply want to ensure you’re well-prepared for the unpredictable British weather, it’s advisable to regularly perform simple checks on your vehicle to ensure it’s in optimal condition for a safe road experience. However, with our busy schedules, it’s often more convenient to let the experts do this. This is where you can rely on Julian Rogers Autoservices LTD.

At our workshop located in Gloucester, we provide a comprehensive range of car safety checks. Our highly skilled team at Julian Rogers Autoservices LTD will inspect your lights, brakes, tyres, engine oil, and other vital areas to guarantee your peace of mind on the road.

For only £20, including VAT, Julian Rogers Autoservices LTD in Gloucester offers a Vehicle Winter Health Check. This service aims to address the frustrations of attempting to start your car on a cold morning only to find it unresponsive. As the winter progresses, car breakdowns become more frequent, and experiencing one in inclement weather can be incredibly unpleasant. While we can’t control the rain or snow, we can help ensure your vehicle is in top condition to handle wintry conditions effectively.

Throughout the year, the condition of your tyre treads is crucial, but it becomes especially vital in wet or icy conditions as they significantly impact safety. Efficient and safe windshield clearing is dependent on well-maintained wiper blades. Neglecting to refill your antifreeze during cold weather severely limits your ability to travel. By choosing Julian Rogers Autoservices LTD in Gloucester, you can rest assured that we will conduct a thorough inspection of the following components and provide you with a detailed report on any identified faults, along with an estimate for repairs:

  • Wipers: Assessing their condition and functionality.
  • Tyres: Evaluating their condition and tyre pressure.
  • Antifreeze: Check its concentration, with the added benefit of receiving up to 1 litre of FREE TOP UP.
  • Brake fluid: Examining its level and quality.
  • Lights: Verifying proper operation and performance.
  • Battery: Assessing its condition, including a load test.
  • Alternator: Evaluating the charge rate.
  • Engine oil: Measuring its level, with the added bonus of up to 1 litre of FREE TOP UP.

To find out more about Car Safety Checks in Gloucester, get in touch online or call Julian Rogers Autoservices LTD on 01452 526 778

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